Learning Snapshot: Play

Learning about algorithms, inequalities, fairness and ethics through play

Learning Snapshot Series #1

Building a shared toolkit for technical democracy


The aims of emergent, serious games are to invite a broad range of public stakeholders to:

  • Learn about algorithms and automation

  • Play with thresholds, data, scenarios

  • Reflect upon human and non-human decision-making processes

  • Consider issues associated with fairness, inequality, and morals

  • Re-appropriate data for collective learning and experimentation

The following outlines the UK exam algorithm game, and provides are other examples of play.

Can an Automated Algorithm Make Human Grading Fairer?

Other Examples of Play (Emergent Serious Games)

Example 1: Can You Make AI Fairer than a Judge (Technology Review)

Example 2: The Moral Machine (MIT Media Lab)

And read more about it here.

Example 3. Automating NYC and (En)Coding Inequality (Automating NYC)

Example 4: Games for Fairness and Interpretability